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Julie expects international success –

Zoltan TarxiSay Julie Japanese number one The theme song was used for the animation. On how this visit happened and the doors this foreign success has opened since then, the live tv, Wake up with us! talk on.

It’s Julie
Wake up with us! in the show

“It all started with a choreography for this song in Italy and then they started dancing around it all over the world. I was very surprised because I got videos from almost every continent. After I found these videos, they searched me from Japan via email. It seems That someone who spoke Hungarian was hired because of me, and then we were able to communicate with him in Hungarian. At first I thought it was a joke, then I saw that it wasn’t really because there were many, many millions of views on the videos. It didn’t even start out as a music animation, but they They wanted this music for the Tokyo Olympics, and only then the virus unfortunately prevented that.” said the entertaining star. Since then, the musician has also been sought after from Poland, so he hopes that this success will now open international doors for him.

Julie With her girlfriend Barbara Super He was on the morning show and they told me they would be going to more and more concerts together.

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