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June season ends in Richter Health City with a record

The 120-year-old Richter Gideon plc series of programs promoting health awareness and disease prevention visited 3 stations in June of this year. In Kaposvár, Miskolc and Kiskunhalas, visitors can take part in more than 30 performances, consultations and important lectures related to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to maintaining their own health, participants can also pay for local healthcare organizations, as each donation, consultation and lecture participation costs HUF 300 donation points. In view of the epidemic situation, the core donation of Richter Gedeon Plc.

One of the biggest advantages of the programme, which began in 2009, is that those interested can take part in a number of important screening tests at one place and time, not only near where they live, but also for free. More than 200,000 people in 82 cities have so far participated in the initiative’s activities. During this time, more than 210,000 examinations were carried out by specialists participating in the program, and thanks to the activity of the local population, 422.9 million HUF were collected from donations for the benefit of participating healthcare institutions.

Health for thousands and millions for hospitals

Visitors to the full-day event received a donation point of HUF 300 for each of their activities – screening, counseling and lecture participation – and the amount was thus added to the base donation of 3.5 million Richter made each time. In June 2021, public funding increased to HUF 5,343,800 for Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital, HUF 5,353,100 for Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén District Central Hospital and University Teaching Hospital, and HUF 8,706,800 for Semmelweis Hospital in Kiskonhalas. .

In addition to learning about their own health outcomes, residents were able to contribute to donation goals this year, such as the purchase of a small portable screening lab for Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital, a C-arm surgical image intensifier for Borsod-Aba-j- infrastructure development for Zembelin County Central Hospital and undergraduate lecturers in the city of Kiskonhalas and expand obstetrics and gynecology equipment.

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Special lectures and programs

In addition to presentations and consultations, experts from participating healthcare organizations also welcomed site visitors with a variety of presentations. Topics providing useful information for health-conscious daily living and development of a preventative approach have been dissected. These included prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, memory function, and the importance of mental health.

In addition to the performances, visitors to the event can also try additional activities. The health city of Kiskonhalas started with a really special program: in the morning you can see a real ambulance helicopter and a fire truck at the helipad at Semmelweis Hospital in Kiskonhalas. In addition, Dr. Janus Schlawik, an infectious disease specialist, personally joined the event, giving an interesting presentation on 21st century epidemics.

Online points collection ended with a record score

Those who are not able to visit the events in person can follow the lectures on Richter Health City’s official Facebook page. Online activity was just as important to in-person participation. Through online live broadcasting related activities, stakeholders have collected a total of more than 1.6 million forints for healthcare institutions.

The Kiskunhalas event also broke the record: Interest activity has emerged among the seven online events so far, and a total of HUF 1,357,200 has been collected for the hospital.

This year’s Richter Health City series will continue in the fall

Although we are hearing more and more about the importance of health awareness and prevention, participation in screenings is still far below expectations. Health usually comes first as a value only in the case of illness, and health is usually evaluated in the case of the specific problem. However, health awareness and participation in regular check-ups contribute to an increase in the number of years a patient spends in health. Diagnosing diseases over time can save lives.

However, developing a preventive approach is a long-term educational process that has been a goal of Richter Health City since its inception. The chain of events has reached all regions of the country in the past 12 years, but thanks to its bad reputation and role in filling gaps, it still receives a lot of inquiries and requests from cities and health care institutions.

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So Richter will continue the series of events in September 2021. The autumn stations planned for this event are: Budapest, Dorog, Pecs and Szolnok.