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Jupiter was photographed by an astronomer when something unexpected appeared in the recording

A massive flash was recorded by a Brazilian amateur astronomer at Jupiter. As it turned out later, a larger asteroid burned up in the dense atmosphere of the gas giant, wrote.

The shooter, Jose Luis Pereira, photographed Jupiter on September 13 in São Caetano do Sul, southeast Brazil. Although at first it seemed that the weather would not be favorable for observing, in the end everything was lucky and the man managed to shoot 25 videos of the giant planet.

I noticed a strange flicker in the first shot, but I didn’t attach much importance to it, I thought the thing could be returned to the settings, so I continued to note. I didn’t want to stop recording because I was afraid the weather would get worse, so I didn’t watch the first video” Pereira said.

the moment of entering the airSource: Jose Luis Pereira

After the observation, the amateur astronomer loaded the recordings into the DeTeCt software and then went back to sleep. It was not until the next day, September 14, that he was able to satisfy himself without the slightest doubt that what he saw was not the fault of the device, but he managed to record a real impact of an asteroid.

He also sent the results to Marc Delcroix, a fellow of the French Astronomical Society, who confirmed the discovery.

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