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Jurassic World: Giganotosaurus as Joker

According to the film’s director, the dinosaur is much larger and more ruthless than the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, who “have only one desire to see the world die.”

The World Domination, directed by Colin Trevorrow, which comes out on June 10, will serve as a sequel to the Park Franchise and World films, which hopefully are worthy of tying the threads together.

The story continues 4 years after the fall of the empire, showing how humans and dinosaurs try to live together (or survive) as they discover who really is the biggest predator on Earth.

The Empire Magazine An exclusive photo on Twitter shows Trevorrow getting what he wanted: a Giganotosaurus could defeat a T-Rex too, and his mentality is similar to that of the Joker, “much bigger, more intimidating, and has more teeth.”

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The movie will feature the well-known Delphosaurus from the park, as well as Blu, the world-famous velociraptor, and some new scientifically illustrated feathered dinosaurs will appear in cinemas, to the delight of audiences.

(splash screen /Movieweb)

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