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Kaczynski: It is in the interest of the whole European Union to abide by the core treaties

In a lengthy interview with Polish Public Service Radio, Kaczynski described the situation in the EU as bad because the core contracts were “not implemented completely or too loosely”.

Kaczynski responded to the observation that some people want to change the basic treaties: those who “centralize Europe (…)”. As a supporter of such a plan, the politician specifically named Germany.

According to Kaczynski, such a change of treaties with the aim of centralization “blatantly contradicts Poland’s best interests”. As he said, “only various bad things” can lead to issues of human dignity, in the sphere of economics, in the sphere of Polish-German trade relations.

Kaczynski stressed that the EU should bring it back into “literal compliance” with the treaties. He opined that this is not the case at present, but relied instead on “the political awareness of the different mechanisms and interpretations (…) of members of the European Court of Justice and officials of the European Commission”.

According to the Polish political leader, it is in the interest of the whole of Europe to change this situation. Change, on the other hand, Kaczynski said, is not “for the sake of those who have not given up imperial thinking and still want to control others.”

Kaczynski’s Law and Justice party rejects the idea of ​​a federal union in the current debate on the future of the European Union, and instead advocates the principle of “a union of homelands and sovereign states”.

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