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Kane Levine’s next match will be surprising

Ken Levine, creator of BioShock (which has nothing to do with the new cast!), says his game will only be revealed by Take-Two and Ghost Story Games is on the verge of release.

Ghost Story Games is working on an undisclosed game. It is said to be a story-based project where players can also create their own narrative thanks to the interchangeable items. However, Ken Levine’s staff recently mentioned that … there are issues with management, so the development itself is not progressing at the right pace than expected, and then we used really restrictive terminology here.

According to the staff, Ken Levine often does much of the work done figuratively, but he also cuts the window and constantly needs changes in direction too. If that wasn’t enough, there have already been instances of him being expelled due to a struggle over his authoritarian position. These issues also explain why Ghost Story Games hasn’t been announced yet, even though the studio may already be keeping it here.

But that’s one side of the coin, and it’s worth listening to the other side as well. Levin gave it to Arcade Attack in his interview I talked about the game. Levine didn’t want the game to be shown to the public too soon because the studio thought it would finish development sooner, and she didn’t want a long period between announcement and release, because that would have reduced interest in the project and hype, and it wouldn’t be anything credible. Ken Levine added that he thinks players want to know what they’re getting into, and this can only be done more realistically if the game is viewed relatively close to its appearance.

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Levine even said that after the announcement, players would be surprised to see that they wouldn’t. That’s approx. In the language of Venus it means that the project has its own distinctive features, so there will not be the same amount of shock (but not biological shock!), But in some sense there will be over there Amazing factor. we will see.

source: WCCFTech