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Keanu Reeves admitted – they are already married to Winona Ryder

In his last interview, the 57-year-old actor addressed many unanswered questions.

Keanu is one of the most legged Hollywood stars on earth, whose generosity is also legendary. He once made headlines in regards to one of his fans, when he bought himself a scoop of ice cream just to sign the block for the girl, and recently finished filming the fourth installment of John Wick and presented a one-of-a-kind Rolex Submariner engraved for every acrobat in the actor.

About the subject, as the example above shows, in particular Newspapers write about her generosityIt’s rare to hear exciting stories about his private life, but a few years ago Winona Ryder was practically married to Reeves, which was highly publicized. At the time, the Matrix star did not comment on the matter, but Esquire magazine finally gave color to the issue in question, writing Jared only.

The actor also said in the interview that he would like to join the Marvel universe, as there have been rumors several times that Keanu might also be involved in the superhero universe. Well, he revealed that it wouldn’t be the case at all, if I were to look for producers who would have a chance to work together.

Of course, if it didn’t, Reeves wouldn’t have to worry about it either, like the John Wick series and matrix Also, through her pioneering role, she has gained worldwide fame. Incidentally, the role of Neo was originally intended for Will Smith by her makers, but eventually turned into Keanu’s great fortune.

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