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K&H has issued an alert to scammers

They are trying to obtain the credit card and electronic banking identification data of some K&H Bank customers from an apparently real phone number. Fraudsters visit their targets on behalf of a Hungarian bank, usually referring to an online financial transaction or purchase, to solicit customer information – he called attention of the financial institution.

The feature of phone calls is that if during the conversation it is revealed which bank the calling party is a customer, they will “call” the relevant bank employee, as the bank writes in its warning. The K&H Mobilbank mobile app also sends a separate notice to customers warning them of the danger.

As is the website of the financial institution Highlights:

It will not require its customers in any way and through any channel (e-mail, SMS, phone) to provide all their credit card details, e-bank passwords or to install remote access software, applications and anti-virus software.

If you receive such e-mail and enter your customer data, or click on the link in it, reopen K&H e-bank from, check the devices registered with the e-bank in the menu settings / identification devices and transaction history. For more guidance, see On the K&H . website You can read.

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