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Kids make a Formula E car out of the trash!

It is increasingly important that motorsports also find a way to reduce environmental pollution, or even do so to improve the quality of the environment. All disciplines of motorsports have recognized the need to make the sport greener.

Envision Virgin Racing has now teamed up with an organization called Kids Against Plastic to make a copy of their Formula E car from school trash.

It took 700 hours for British design studio Lazerian, as well as 100kg of disposable plastic to bring the 1:1 scale version to life.

It’s all part of Envision Virgin’s “Race Against Climate Change” and the Recover E initiative, which aims to draw the attention of children to disposable plastics in the UK. Annually 380 million tons of plastic are produced, which can be disposed of by up to 50% and is disposed of almost immediately as waste.

Ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Glasgow (COP26), the team was joined by Amy and Ella Meek, founders of Children Against Plastic. The nurses, with the help of local students at Garrowhill Elementary School, collected plastic trash and encouraged others to become “plastic smart,” meaning people who understand and use plastic wisely.

“It is so fitting that Recover E is seen by all kinds of audiences, from schoolchildren to shoppers to world leaders, because for change, everyone needs to join the movement of people breaking their plastic habits and pressing for change.” – they said Goodbye sisters.

“It was great to work with an organization like Envision Virgin Racing whose values ​​and goals match ours and can help take our campaign to the world stage.”

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The car will be revealed today, November 1, at the Silverburn Shopping Center in Glasgow.
This isn’t the first time Envision Virgin has encouraged children to learn more about climate change.

Last year, 11-year-old Kitty Thwait won a race in which an inscription she designed depicting endangered animals living on a warm planet was painted on a real Formula E car.