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Kim Jong-un’s sister warned South Korea

North Korea on Sunday warned South Korea against conducting more joint military exercises with the United States, a few days after restoring the hotline between the two countries. He said Pyongyang’s leadership views such maneuvers as an “unwelcome prelude” that undermines South and North Korean leaders’ efforts to restore mutual trust. Kim Jong-un An influential sister to a North Korean leader. Kim GodzungThe head of the propaganda and agitation department of the Communist Workers’ Party of Korea, which ruled North Korea, stressed that the military exercises “will cast a shadow over the development of inter-Korean relations.”

According to news agencies, Kim Jojong’s statement can be seen as pressure on Seoul to cancel the summer exercises, which are usually held in August. Pyongyang’s leadership expects to see offensive preparations in the military exercises, which are refuted by Washington and Seoul, respectively.

However, it is not yet clear when and to what extent the US-South Korea military exercises will take place. Seoul’s leadership fears that all this will have a detrimental effect on denuclearization negotiations with its northern neighbor. In recent years, the United States and South Korea have reduced the size of some military exercises for diplomatic reasons.

Referring to the hotline restored on Tuesday, Kim Jojong said only physical contact had been restored and described speculation about a possible summit between the two countries’ leaders too soon. The two Korean leaders exchanged several messages during the spring and agreed to rebuild trust between the two sides and improve relations between the two countries.

North Korea cut off the hotline last June after relations between the two countries deteriorated Donald Trump Following the second failed summit of former US President Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, Mun Dzsein The South Korean president took on the role of mediator. The Moon government is confident that the government of US President Joe Biden will be able to resume talks with Pyongyang on denuclearizing North Korea and halting its missile program.

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