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King Linda is waiting for the real thing

a pepperSon advertiser King LindaWho was single two years ago. The singer told the newspaper that she is also open to dating and a new relationship, but she didn’t force her boyfriend into it. “If love comes, it’s cool, but if it doesn’t, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Nothing should be forced, everything will have its time The singer explained her thoughts about dating in the newspaper and also said that she is not registered for any dating, has a better chance of getting to know someone through work or acquaintances, and considers herself old-fashioned in terms of dating.

He added that he did not even think about what the date would look like today, but he mentioned that: “The mask, for example, has the advantage that it involuntarily brings inner values ​​back to the fore.” – Tell.

At this stage, it should be noted that yesterday in Hungary we exceeded the number of five million vaccines that were administered, and Prime Minister Viktor Orban himself announced at that time. ‘Goodbye, mask’.

King Linda he addedThat while he waits for the real person to appear, he pursues his career, shoots a lot, gets music, and prepares to return to the stage. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get the vaccine yet, but what’s late doesn’t matter.

Dating is important:

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