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King Linda takes a lot of medicine and goes to TV2 with a medical license

King Linda had serious health problems for many years.

King Linda and his brother Victor are taking part in the filming of the third series of the Asia Express which will start in a few days. The singer consulted her doctor, who let her go on the adventure, but asked her to pay close attention to her body’s reactions because she would be under severe stress as she struggled on her own in Jordan, Turkey, Georgia and Uzbekistan.

Source: Instagram / lindakiraly

Since we accepted the invitation, I’ve started a serious workout to prepare myself physically for the ordeal. This is required, because It’s no secret that I’ve had an underactive thyroid for years, along with insulin resistance and a pituitary cyst that I was diagnosed with in 2018. Because of that, I take a lot of medication daily and of course it doesn’t matter when I take it, It is also important that this not happen on an empty stomach.” PepperThe singer is embarking on an amazing adventure that will take care of every vibration of her body.

I consulted with my doctor, who allowed me for the trip, but at the same time asked me to pay close attention to any changes. He promised me that my body would probably be traumatized by the new environment and the stress and pressures of competition, but I would try to keep the latter under meditation, knowing I could count on the crew doctor,” he added.

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