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Koeman and Valverde didn’t treat well either – Messi

Kylian Mbappe, Sergio Ramos and Xavi starred alongside Lionel Messi in an interview with the Argentine class in the first months of Paris for Marca, the events in Barcelona and La Liga since his departure, and his future.


Lionel Messi feels he has fully adapted to PSG’s style now (Image: AFP)

“I have adapted perfectly now to the Paris Saint-Germain match, I feel good” Lionel Messi, who scored his first goal of the tournament with the French club at the weekend, said. Spain’s Marca gave an extensive interview to the six-time Ballon d’Or player, who detailed his views on the situation of his former team, Barcelona, ​​during the conversation.

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“Barcelona’s situation is frustrating because even though I no longer play there, I will always be a fan of the team. I wish them the best and I really hope they can stick to the best.” – Quoted by Marca Lionel Messi, who was asked what feelings she had if she thought her former club might not even be among the top six in the current Champions League.

However, the Argentine feels that appointing coach Xavi Hernandez, who has been playing at Barcelona since childhood, was a good decision to deal with the crisis.

“You can expect a lot from your person. He is a coach with tremendous knowledge and knows where he is. Living in Barcelona since he was a kid, he may be able to reclaim the mystery surrounding Barcelona, ​​he is ready, the fans and players respect him a lot, but he can achieve anything with them.” He can be a perfect coach for young people, he can teach them a lot, he doesn’t have to prove anything, he was in the same shoes as now. There is a lot the team can develop under your leadership. I have no doubt!” – He praised his former teammate and then explained what was in that ominous text message that Xavi mentioned after his appointment.

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“What exactly? Honestly, I don’t remember. Xavi is a good friend of ours, we talk to each other regularly even now. I know I congratulated him, it was a big step in his career, and I wished him well. Will I come back as a player? I always said that one day I want Returning to Barcelona because this is my home, I want to live in the city. If this moment comes and I can still help the club, regardless of the role, but I would love to be in Barcelona again.”

Meanwhile, Messi defended Ronald Koeman, who was expelled from the Catalan side in late October.

Messi standing next to Koeman (Image: Getty Images)

“A coach’s leadership is never fair. So it was with Koeman, and it was with Ernesto Valverde … When the results are bad, the easiest thing is for the supervisor To transfer responsibility and replace him, not the players. Koeman arrived at the club at a very difficult time, the main people left and he had to put a lot of young people in their place. Like I said, the easiest thing to blame the coach for is training. But they know it, it’s part of their profession.” said the 34-year-old soccer player.

In addition to Barcelona’s relegation, Marca also asked the striker about the possibility of losing his prestige in La Liga, saying his biggest classic would be leaving the league in a row. Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and now Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi. Will their farewell be only partially compensated by the arrival of Kylian Mbappe in Madrid – if at all?

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“I’m serious I don’t know. Only he can tell what’s in his head, and where he wants to prove it. All I can say is that I’m still in Paris for this season. He is a very important player for us, and he will play a key role in achieving our goals. He spends One hundred percent of his time to achieve our common goals – and then, once that’s all, he makes the decision at the end of the season where he wants to go. But the truth is, I have no idea what’s going to happen to him.”

The Argentine classic is grateful to play with Mbappe in Paris (Photo: AFP)

In addition to Mbappe, Messi entered the dressing room with many of his old acquaintances in Paris Saint-Germain. In addition to close friends Neymar and Angel Di Maria, he is also preparing with his former great rival Sergio Ramos.

“It is not a bit strange today, but in the early days it was really like that, because for many years we competed with each other, we clashed with each other like the captain of Barcelona and Real Madrid … but only one thing remained from those meetings, that we always respect each other Some no matter how great the battle. Step by step, he is getting closer and closer to getting back on the right track, doing more and more things with us. I hope he will come back as soon as possible because he is a true warrior character, which is always needed in the field. I knew him as an opponent, Whereas now, as a teammate, I also see his human side, his great personality.” He narrated his relationship with Ramos.

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