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Konami apologizes for launching eFootball

eFootball’s debut was disastrously successful, and no game on Steam has received as many negative reviews as Konami’s soccer game. The publisher has now apologized and promised to fix things.

Konami has been putting its biggest series of games in the parking lot for many years (although at the moment they are rumored to be back) and trying to match only one AAA-caliber title, Pro Evolution Soccer. It’s another matter that the series has decimated very slowly: Electronic football, which began with the concept of paradigm shift, has been a disastrous success.

Well, the free-to-play model is not the real issue here, and you can also tell that the game will be released in digital stores with a demo of the content: the gameplay was also terribly successful, with many bugs and weak character models Meme like They roam online and players are also expressing their displeasure on the official interfaces – Steam currently has this game to “bragging about” worst rated.

Konami posted a message that day on TwitterAn apology to the fans: “After the release of eFootball 2022, we received a number of comments about the balance of the game, including passing speed and defense. There have also been reports of issues with passers-by, facial expressions, player movements and ball behavior. We are very sorry and want to assure everyone that we are taking these We take things very seriously and are doing our best to improve the situation.”

Konami promises to constantly update the game, improve quality, and expand content. An October update has already been released, and players are constantly receiving feedback as well.

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