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Kong of the Void is Corvin Cinema, but they don’t want to properly show the most anticipated Hungarian movie of the year

The Budapest Film director has begun to explain why they don’t want to show the most awaited Hungarian film of the year, Elk.rtuk, about Oszod’s speech. Producer Gábor Kálomista previously also told Origó how many people are trying to damage the film. Budapest Cinematheque, which does not specialize in so-called feature films, Corvin – according to its opening hours – can show Elk.rtuk at least four times a day, but promises a maximum of one performance. It’s not hard to see why: Budapest is a film and thus Corvin Cinema is under the jurisdiction of Circelik Karaksoni. Origó considered taking advantage of Corvin Cinema, could the rich and successful presentation of the film be the reason why this year’s Hungarian film was not suitable?

In short, the answer is pathetic.

The use of Corvin cinema is pathetic and explanatory, and the compulsion to conform to the world of Christmas-Gyurcsány, is pathetic.

In addition to the fact that afternoon shows were still bustling with Corvin today, we looked at how the excerpts looked, and how curious they were about the following evening’s performance.

When our article is published the situation is as follows:

For American Horror of Live Disease, exactly zero tickets were sold as many were booked. zero.

Zero tickets were also sold out and no tickets were booked for the American (possibly romantic) movie after our failure.

The Free Guy – 13 lines, a larger room – has 4 tickets, that is, four tickets are reserved.

The American adventure movie Shang-Chi is a really successful movie considering the attendance at Corvin Cinema. In the grand auditorium of 17 rows of almost 400 seats, they hope for at least 7 spectators! True, the two of them had taken their seats so far.

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This is cinema, Corvin, who doesn’t really jump at the Hungarian film of the year, but she laughs and explains (not because of Gergely Karácsony, it’s not being shown in enough copy, that’s pretty much what the director of Budapest Film Index says – no one claims that: obviously: Not that they fear the embarrassment of Christmas, but of their boss, Ferenc Gyurcsany).

Of course, regardless of the somewhat transparent skills of Budapest Film (or Cinema City), Elk.rtuk will reach hundreds of thousands of viewers.