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Krisztián Tóth won a bronze medal at Grand Slam in Tashkent

Krisztián Tóth won a bronze medal at Grand Slam in Tashkent. He defeated his Polish, Italian and Georgian opponents in the semi-finals, knocking out Japan’s Nagasava team from Kent, who eventually became the weight group champion. Toth finally brought the bronze match against Estonian Klein Christopher Kallioled. The other four Hungarians who started in the heavyweight competition did not register.

The prominent male competitor on the final day was Belgian Toma Nikiforov, who confidently beat Bulgarian Boris Georgiev in the final. Received the gold from Akrol Ruzev, Vice-President of the International Wrestling Federation.

“My mother cried, we are very close to each other. My family knows how difficult the time I am facing, there was a lot of suffering. So maybe they are happier with me now. I will take the medal to my little daughter,” said the Belgian judge.

In the 78-pound women’s race, Japanese Umeki Mami led his Croatian opponent, Karla Brodan, to the ground with a large shear throw at the hip, and this ebon was worth the gold. The medal was pinned around the winner’s neck by Gábor Borsányi, President of Teqball International.

The Japanese contestant said, “As for judoka, the main battlefield is tatami, we can shine something of our abilities there. I am very happy that I was able to return to the world of magicianship and finally get gold.”

At a weight of 78 kg, world champion Sazone Akira defeated Brazilian Beatrice Sousa with a tactical victory. Ojbek Kasimov, Secretary General of the Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, presented him with the gold medal.

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In the 100-pound final, Kageura Kokoro secured his Grand Slam victory with a stunning wazari. Alam Mulaev, president of the Asian Samba Association, presented him with the award.

In the 90-kilogram class, Japanese Nagasava, who defeated Krishtian Toth, finished the gold match with an amazing move: the Uzbek threw a poponov daflat over his head like a rag doll.

He managed to get the gold he deserved from Azizjon Kamilov, President of the Uzbek Federation.

On the third day of the race, Sunday, the Grand Slam tournament in Tashkent concluded, and the Hungarian judo players achieved good results, ending a wonderful and successful weekend for the Uzbek host in terms of judo sport.