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Krisztián Tóth won a bronze medal! | Mandiner

Our charlatan player won the 5th medal of the Hungarian delegation in a great fight.

The MTK competitor – who won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Budapest in June – received a tatami mat for Mikhail Igolnikov’s bronze. The two-time European champion advanced to the semi-finals by defeating Russian judo rivals Benin, Azerbaijan and Spain, knocking out Georgia’s Lhasa Pekouri. Toth, who also won a bronze medal at the World Cup and three medals at the European Championships, defeated Japan’s Mokaj Sojseiro after beating Popol Messinga in the Refugee Team, then lost a gold point to Germany’s Eduard Triple. In his consolation, he defeated Dutchman Noel Vanette End, and thus entered the bronze match.

The 10th Olympic Coin of Hungarian Judo

In the confrontation, Toth, third in the world rankings, attacked as usual, and then the Russian tried to show action. The latter’s initiative was better appreciated by the judge, as he waved to the Hungarian sorcerer twice in a row. The Russians also temporarily fought vaseari, but this was canceled after the video shoot. There was an extension of the Golden Point, where one of Toth’s actions was seen, but the fight continued. 3:28 minutes passed, when the 27-year-old Hungarian rider jumped under his opponent several times and grabbed his left arm, but this time he pulled the already tired Igolnikov down.

Bring it to Earth for a vase!

Krisztián Tóth won Hungary’s 10th judo medal – the sixth bronze – in the five-ring games. This is the fifth place for the Hungarian delegation in Tokyo on the podium, the second bronze after two gold and one silver.

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Photo: MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi