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Krisztián Zámbó explained why Rene Orsova fell from the star

At the end of the last broadcast on Star, the son of Jimmy and Dalban winner Reni Orsovai finally remained: the former stayed inside, the singer pulled out, and many spectators were in shock – because he did not vote for whom he wanted to remain in the competition.

Zambo’s eldest son Jamie went on to another TV2 round, simply by being voted on by more spectators—because René Orsovay was the jury winner anyway. “I feel amazing in this show, in this huge adventure, although there is sometimes drama. But it is not a talent show competition. Krisztián Zámbó. He said that they would not have been asked to perform without talent, they just need a character, and it is important to be Versatile, he said.


The audience voiced, thinking they shouldn’t be ashamed of their shyness, “I respect Rinick so much, she’s amazingly talented. It’s amazing what the chick has brought: a young, fast-paced singing teacher full of fire in her character. Kuzu too…” All I could get out of it. But it was about me being in trouble and my dear friends and acquaintances who love me saving me. There were more of them now.”

According to Krisztián Zámbó, many people love him for his straightforward nature, and were also willing to vote Sunday night during the show. “I’ve been in the country for over a decade now, I don’t stop talking to anyone, I don’t refuse to take a picture. After all these years, I take back my love and they voted for me. I wouldn’t say why not Renire…” he said. More in the video:

As we wrote, at the end of the last broadcast of Rene from Orsova He can hardly speak and weep bitterlyHe didn’t think he’d be the third to be eliminated.

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