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La Liga: Real Madrid – Elche – NSO

In the 22nd round of the Spanish Football League, leaders Real Madrid will host the 15th Elche team with clear hopes of victory. Stay tuned, follow our minute by minute live updates, comment, and comment on events!


La Liga
Round 22

Real Madrid – Elche 0-1 (Television: player 2) – Live on a UFO!
Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Lead: a. from Burghash.
real Madrid: Courtois – to. Vazquez, Militao, Alaba, F. Mendy – Casemiro, Kroos (Rodrygo, 63.), Modric – E Hazard, Vinicius, Benzema (Juvex, 58.). Coach: Carlo Ancelotti.
Elche: Edgar Badia – H. Palacios, Verdú, Diego González, Mojica – Morente (Fidel, 23.), Raúl Guti, Gumbau, Pere Milla – Lucas Pérez, Boyé. Coach: Francis Rodriguez.
Gulzerzo: Boy (42.)

minute by minute

the other half

73 minutes: After the free kick Casemiro He endangered his gate with his head, but polite protected.

72nd minute: Bir Milla started with a stolen ball, Vincus Grab him and kick him. Yellow card for Madrid.

71st minute: Unbelievable! Vincus He even allowed himself a trick in the throat of the gate, then shot from a distance of 6 meters next to the left column.

68 minutes: The pressure in Madrid continues, but the home team failed to create a goal.

63 minutes: Stuck in Elche, great clues to Real Madrid.

62. perc: Vinicius Well broke inside the hex, retracted, the ball bounced happily cross Up front, who fired on the spot from a 17 but was a little annoyed with the judgment (!) so he shot on top.

58 minutes: Benzema damaged, replacement required, Watchfix Came in place.

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55 minutes: Fidel He pulled his opponent, as he got a yellow.

54 minutes: Militao Boy kicked, flashed yellow.

52nd minute: Nobody! They saw in the video room that Hazard was playing.

52 minutes: Hazard She fell within the sixteen, it could also be a penalty…

49 minutes: Many Real Madrid players began to prepare, especially since in the second half so far, only Elche possessed the ball.

46th minute: The second half has begun.

first half

45 + 4. Minutes: Halftime ends, Elche leads. 0-1

45 + 4. Minimum: Crossover forkicked the free kick and gently rotated the ball to the top right, but exquisite The exciting throw saves her.

45 + 3. The moment: Real Madrid got a good free kick 26 meters from the Elche goal, slightly to the left.

45 + 2. Minimum: Benzema He fought for the ball inside the sixteen, pulled it in front of two defenders and then shot it to the left, but exquisite Rejection protected.

45th minute: Four additional minutes.

42nd minute: Who! ELCHE DRIVE! Encouraged by Elche, he managed a corner kick in the last few minutes – without much danger – but now the attack was going to the left, and Mojica gave it to Fidel, who was playing from the middle near the baseline, and Lucas Boy Head 6 feet to the bottom left. 0-1

33rd minute: Lost! the fine Benzema He did and shot right above the gate!

Minute 32: Eleven! Vincos lunged forward inside the sixteen, pulled him behind Verdo, and then Palacios kicked him, with a penalty kick.

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30 minutes: Casemiro He defended his massive 17-foot shot with his foot exquisite.

27 minutes: The Elche players watched with astonishment as they made a very long start benzene Take it 12 meters from the gate and then Gonzalesil On the neck shot, but exquisite Courageously protected.

25 minutes: Mindy It went well to the left, torturing the ball in the middle, which Benzema Push him into the corner, but instead of his comrades Fidel He got there and saved.

23 minutes: Fidel reached his place.

22 minutes: Tite Morenti He collided with Casemiro with his ankles spinning. It will need to be replaced.

20. perc: Casermiro Liar shot died exquisite hands.

19 minutes: Here’s Real’s first corner, but this one, too, was just as dangerous as Elche.

15 minutes: Elche’s right corner was easily pulled down polite.

14 min: Kroos He hit a powerful kick from 19 meters, but the ball slipped half a meter into the right corner.

11th minute: The first real dangerous situation! Benzema Return veneciosnac, Who wants to cheat in the throat of the gate Badiat, But he failed, the guard of the guests managed to save him.

7 minutes: Nothing worthwhile has happened on the pitch so far, Elche is trying to defend aggressively and Real are in no hurry. So far.

First minute: The match has started, Real Madrid plays in pure white, and Elche in pure black.

The voices of the string quartet are bid farewell to Francisco Ghent, who died at the age of 88.

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Before the match, they remembered one of the best left winger players of all time, Francisco Gent. All of the hosts’ players in jerseys with the Gentoo inscription walked out of the locker room and the tire appeared before Gentoo’s 23 titles.

The two teams last met on Thursday, when Real won 2-1 in the Copa del Rey final and took the lead.