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La Liga: The season started with a victory for Valencia

In the first round of the Spanish Football League (La Liga), Valencia defeated Getafe 1-0.

Carlos Soler’s penalty kick wins Valencia (Photo: AFP)


The match against Getafe started terribly for Valencia, as referee Hugo Guillamon was sent off in the third minute. In vain was the home team with ten people, after only eight minutes Carlos Soler With that he took the lead with a penalty kick.

Madrid played unsuccessfully in the lead, was unable to score, and in the 76th minute Eric Capaco also reached the fate of the show.

What didn’t happen with eleven people wasn’t easier with ten – Valencia 1–0He managed to win the opening match of the Spanish League.

La Liga
round 1
Valencia – Getafe 1–0
(Soler from 11 to 11)
17.00: Health – Espanol (television: player 2)
19.30: Cadiz Levante (television: player 2)
19.30: Mallorca – Betis (television: player 2)
22.00: Alaves – Real Madrid (television: player 2)
17.30: Celta Vigo Atletico Madrid (television: player 2)
20.00: Barcelona – Real Sociedad (television: player 2)
22.15: Seville – Rayo Vallecano (television: player 2)
Villarreal – Granada (television: player 2)
22.00: Elche – Athletic Bilbao (television: player 2)

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