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Lady Gaga was pregnant at a corner by a producer who raped her at the age of nineteen

In one of the shows, he talked about how difficult it is to recover from trauma.

Lady Gaga They are among the stars who have long since spoken candidly about the traumas they have suffered during their careers and about the fight to restore or maintain their mental health. The singer – in her original name Stephanie Joan Angelina Germanotta – This time Oprah Winfrey And the Harry Herce Led I can’t see him On the show, he tells in more detail than ever about what he’s been through. As he said, he has gone through very tough times spiritually and he still has to work on it. And he’s trying to recreate something from his experience, instead of just locking himself in somewhere in himself and pretending he’s in the world.

On Apple TV +, it was mentioned that at the age of 19, he suffered serious sexual harassment by a producer. He, too, was only able to cope with this trauma when he was taken to hospital in a “complete psychological breakdown” and realized during conversations with the psychiatrist that his pain was not only physical.

I realized I was in the same pain as when the guy who raped me unloaded my load on a street corner in front of my parents’ house because I was sick and vomiting. Because I was mistreated – I was locked up in the studio for months

Gaga said, Who has also talked about never wanting to meet the person who mistreated him again, but not wanting to be named.

There really is a way that you feel like a black cloud is following everywhere and whispering to you that you feel nothing and must die. I used to scream and cut myself against the wall … But do you know why it’s not a good idea to hurt yourself? Because it will only make it worse. You think you are relieved that you are at least showing someone the kind of pain you’re going through. But it does not help. Don’t show it, I’d rather tell someone

– The singer says, emphasizing that healing is not a one-way process, there are stagnation and setbacks that she also lives to this day.

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