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László Palik will also leave Exatlon and TV2

After many years of absence, writes Laszlo Balek, former sports reporter and former president of Hungaroring Zrt. In a statement to the channel.

Gabor Fischer, TV2 Group Program Manager, quoted Gabor Fischer as saying that “Exatlon Hungary played a major role in repositioning TV2,” saying that the show had improved average prime time a lot and that Exatlon had become a strong component of the brand. Also because of Palik. “Personally, I am sorry for your decision, but I wish you every success in your future plans,” Fisher added.

László Palik welcomed the opportunity and was contacted three years ago, “(…) I think I’ve had the adventure of my life in recent years. Another great thank you to my TV2 colleagues, with whom I have been able to work on this program for the past three years, was It’s an honor to watch TV with you!” Private life lately.

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