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Late attack in Germany: Three dead, terrible runner injured – video

Several people were delayed on Friday in Würzburg, Germany, and the alleged perpetrator was arrested. A video was made of the case and the courageous act of the interveners.

According to police in the regional city of Bavaria, the alleged perpetrator is a 24-year-old Somali man who lives in Würzburg. Three people were killed and several people were injured. The police shot him down. There is no danger to life.

Police said there were no indications that he had any companions.

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder also wrote on Twitter that his government, along with the relatives of the victims, is in mourning and hopes for the recovery of the wounded. He also wrote, “Thank you to the police for their quick intervention and”Many thanks and respect to the many citizens who firmly opposed the perpetratorعارض“.

Regional public service media company Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), citing police sources, reported that the alleged perpetrator is mentally ill.

The Somali man who arrived in the country in 2015 is not unknown to the police. M1 reporter Catalyn Knoll said he had previously been instructed in psychotherapy.

The man picked up the long knife from a downtown store and stabbed him on the spot. Eyewitnesses say that God is the greatest rushed into the city center, screaming. He added that a father lost his life and his son were among the seriously injured.

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A man with a briefcase started fighting first with the offender.

It is clear in the video below that more and more people tried to make the attacker impossible before the police arrived.

In this footage you can actually see the uniforms holding the spoiled runner: