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Latifi thanked him for the league advice he received in 2021

Williams’ stunning improvement wasn’t just seen on one side of the garage: Nicholas Latifi scored the team’s first points, for example.

According to the Canadians, there was also a strange justification: Williams As a consultant to Jenson Button Dedicated to the British team – junior and Formula 1 pilots.

“I think since Jenson joined us, he’s been able to help the team.”to explain cute. – “We just learned about it at the time Because of COVID at the beginning of the year It wasn’t visible yet because there wasn’t much in the factory. Even on the field, it was difficult because of the different bubbles, as he was mostly with Team Sky.”

“But he obviously has a lot of experience in the sport, he knows where the rider is, and that helps me a lot.”

“He also works a lot with the team, and I always see him talking to the engineers and expressing his opinions on something he saw. I think it helps them as well.”

But the presence of the champion meant a lot to Canadians, not only from a professional point of view, but also personally.

“I’m still new here in Formula 1, so I used to give some little advice on how to approach things, how not to do, things like that. It’s a little encouraging when we stumble upon each other right after the timer or the race.”

“I think he is a very helpful member of the team. Someone I can turn to if I have a problem or need advice. Yes, that’s fine that way.”