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Lavender will be banned in Brussels

It turns out that the European Union will classify lavender as a dangerous plant – V4NA . writes International news agency.

A draft EU regulation would classify lavender as a dangerous plant fr24news. Under the new rules, a warning about the “danger” of a plant-based product must be mandatory on packages of processed lavender (such as lavender oil).

On behalf of lavender distillers in France – and others – the president of Gil Frexit expressed his concerns on Twitter, Charles Henry Gallois: “Whether it’s lavender essential oils or our cheeses, the European Union wants to control everything. It’s time to take back control and decide for ourselves about our future, our standards, our laws and our social model.”

Currently, there are about 1,500 French companies that grow lavender, which means 30,000 full-time jobs. Not to mention the millions of tourists who are drawn primarily by the lavender fields to the south of France.

French producers are not opposed to the potential allergy risks indicated on the packaging of their products, but they are strongly against providing consumers with information such as that found on the labels of industrial chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or various detergents. In addition, smallholders will not be able to afford the analysis.

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