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Legionnaires: Matti Veda said goodbye to Dunaszardahli

At the season’s final meeting, Máté Vida had the opportunity to start playing DAC again. After the match, he was greeted first by the fans, then by club owner Oscar Secular and sporting director Jan Van Dailey, then the club said farewell.

Vida Matte (8) said goodbye (Image: DAC)


He stood touching in the middle of the field after the meeting.
– I am not goodbye. It was not easy to hold back the tears. But this is normal. I would like to thank Dunaszerdahely fans and staff for the opportunity to do so. It was a beautiful ending. Both the fans and the club have given me so much and I feel like I’ve done it for them too. So I think it was a good ending, as Matt Vida told National Sports.

– He spent three years at DAC. Do you have a feeling of inferiority?
“I have a lot of bitterness to go to the point where I wanted to be a champion or celebrate a cup victory. Because the fans deserved it, and so do I. But there is one. I can only comment positively on the first two seasons. I played 70 betting matches – fond memories connect me here. Unfortunately, they were more bitter last year too. Anyway … I shouldn’t talk about this now, and maybe I won’t talk later … I’m so glad I said goodbye to Dunaszerdahely in front of the onlookers. I could have played more The matches this season, not just these eight minutes, but I can prove it elsewhere.

– What was the most memorable match in the DAC?
– It’s very difficult to choose one. It was a lot. For example, the victories against the Slovenes, the pronunciation of Krakow in Krakow, or my goals that I will remember forever. I won’t even forget our first away match with Slovan when the chairs were thrown at us. A lot happened. The atmosphere was unforgettable at the MOL Arena, as I managed to enter the field in front of ten thousand Hungarian printers every week. Aside from the DAC, one can only experience this in Fradi matches. In general, I have fond memories. In the past year things have happened that I am not happy with, and that I did not deserve. But I view the club very positively.

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“You missed the season, except for a few minutes yesterday.” He was seriously injured last June.
– Could be better. I’ll be honest, I really can’t do that. That’s right, this is what happens. We see the case of Zsolt Kalmár, he withdrew just before the European Championships. Most likely, I could be there too if I wasn’t hurt. But of course I don’t know …

How did you live this year without football?
For the first six months, until December 31, everything was fine. Everything turned out as it should. In January, because of the national team, I sped back a little, which made me hold back. I don’t wish anyone January to March … I didn’t even know what was going to happen to my future because of my injury. I also received a lot of support from my family, partner Zsolt Kalmár and my other friends. It was very difficult. I do not wish anyone like this year. Before that, I was a nationalist and a key person on the DAC. But this is what happens, this is what a football career entails, he is in it. I must look forward. Thank God I am in good health and looking forward to challenges. This evening will be more difficult, it will not be easy to leave everything here. But I’m definitely going to go out to see a DAC a few times.

– What’s Next? Where do you complete?
– I had Plan A and B that crashed in a week … luckily I have 4-5 more offers. They are just outside my comfort zone. we will see. My fate will be determined by the end of next week. It would be difficult for me to decide to listen to my heart or mind. I’ll have a few sleepless nights.

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– More specifically?
“I have a display from afar, but I don’t want to cut it.” I have to go there on my own, as my partner still has a four-year contract with the handball team in Gyor. After a year of jumping and such an injury, it might not be better for me to go to the apocalypse. I would also like to take the national team into consideration when making a decision. Federal Captain Marco Rossi gave me instructions on the best move for me. I have to take this into consideration too. I have to listen to my heart, too. I am facing a difficult decision. I will go somewhere to play again. Because it was really bad to watch the matches from outside.

– Now Zsolt Kalmár is in the situation I was in. After a serious injury, you will have to miss a lot.
“Even before he was injured, he will not be injured now.” I said it doesn’t matter if you get hurt, just not like me. Anyway … unfortunately, it happened to him. I am very sorry for him. We discussed not talking more about the injuries. Maybe we’ll go to him tonight. And Andres Schaeffer and my Zolle also live in Gyor 500 meters away, so we’ve already spent many evenings together. That would certainly be the case today.

“On behalf of the club, I would like to thank Matthew for being a member of DAC for the past three seasons. With his performance, he made a significant contribution to the medals won during this time. Even though last season wasn’t easy for him, I think the most important thing is Saying goodbye to each other with good feeling and mutual respect. We wish him all the best for the next phase of his career. “ – DAC Athletic Director announced, Jan Van Dailey On the club website.

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