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Legionnaires: the possible departure of Attila Szalai is a permanent topic

The possibility of Atila Szalay signing the contract is still a topic in the Turkish press – Cumhuriyet wrote on Wednesday that the possibility is growing: Greek Dimitrius Bilkasz and the Hungarian footballer will leave Fenerbahce in the summer.

Attila Szalay in the summer training match against Wehrvar (Photo: Attila Turok)

The Republic Already as we mentioned Lists three clubs (Bologna, Fulham, Wolfsburg) as Attila Szalay His possible next job, likely due to the fact that Marco de Vaio, director of sports in Bologna, confirmed in the Italian media that the Hungarian footballer is also a candidate to replace Arthur Thiat, who has moved to Rennes.

The former national team striker, who works in the management of the Italian club, did not hide the fact that he wanted to see the Belgian defender’s successor in the squad as soon as possible. According to Italian sources, the Hungarian player is not the only one who has been chosen, for example John Lokomi, defender of Colombian Genk, is definitely in the picture.

Szalay’s contract with Fenerbahce, signed last year, expires in 2025, and Turkish newspapers’ information about the extent of his club’s willingness to part with the player prematurely – estimates range from nine million to 15 million euros.

One thing is for sure: On Tuesday, Fenerbahce also shared a photo on social media where Attila Szalay and coach Jorge Jesus, presumed to defend his retention, were running side by side during the team’s training session with wide smiles.

The Istanbul team is preparing for Thursday’s Europa League match against Czech Slovakia.

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