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Lékai-Kiss hosts Ramóna and Till Attila

It’s only a matter of time, and the veil giving Academy Oscars sculptures to actors and filmmakers this year is on the decline. At home prof Red carpetTel will start live broadcasting at the same time Moziverzumon. While Last year before another Nura Satan, Until this year during the show Likai Kiss Ramona And the Such as He will speak with the guests of the studio.

Among others, Ferenc Rovoch, winner of the Kossuth Prize and National Artist Award, who won his first Hungarian Oscar 40 years ago as a filmmaker will be present. He tells us about his memories of the award, and we can learn from him how that recognition affects the career of film professionals. The studio awaits award-winning Béla András Balázs Muhi filmmaker and director, whose name is associated with many other notable works, as well as a former Oscar® nominee About body and soul he is. In addition to the nominated film, the presenters will talk about the present of the Hungarian film industry and how the COVID situation has affected local film production in the recent period. The guest will be Tamas Zane, the Bella Palazz Award-winning sound engineer and Oscar-winning son of Saul. Regarding the movie, for example, it talks about how an audio engineer would work in a production of this scale and what challenges he would have to face. They will also talk to her about the candidates for the new “Best Voice” category this year. This award is the result of merging the categories of “Best Sound Mixing” and “Best Editing” for the previous years. Director and screenwriter Barnabás Tóth arrived at the studio and was very close to Oscar® twice already: Sosotage Done in 2019, Who stayed And in 2020, it was shortlisted by the Oscar® Award Committee for the so-called 10 Best Movies. The presenters will also try to find out from him the secret of the Oscar® nominated movie, and whether he has a future to see his films close to the award, and Ramona will also talk to him about the nominees for this year.

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The Hungarian experts who will participate in the ceremony in the studio will be Victor Doudas and Gabor Zuluski. Like last year, we can hear Viktor Dudás and Márk Wodala as Hungarian voices at the party.

Ramona Case and Attila Tell (Photo: TV2)

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