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Lékai-Kiss Ramóna understands better than ever

The TV2 star, who recently celebrated a very serious social media milestone, put it into words.

Humanity is constantly changing, and it varies from age to age in how we act on what we consider important. There are better and worse times, but it is clear that we have been in decline for decades and human values ​​are fading away.

Not only is one thing causing this to happen, and it can’t be content with our fast-paced world and our money, but they play a huge role in that change. The more people we meet, the more we know about the medium that will shed light on many things.

Instead, we experience that there are far fewer people of real value today who are honest, selfless and able to do so for their peers. That used to be the norm, but nowadays we’re experiencing something very different, and Ramona Lekai Kiss feels that too.

Vasivári Vivien in a very wild group

He put some interesting words into one of his new posts that many can identify with, and may never get better again, which is unlikely in our lifetime. It is clear that one can hope and believe, but much more will be needed.

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