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Leonardo has been sanctioned by UEFA for his misfortune after PSG’s elimination –

UEFA writes that the UEFA Disciplinary Committee has only sanctioned Leonardo for his misfortune after the elimination of Paris Saint-Germain in the eighth Champions League final.

Leonardo (left) did not swim and El Clive did not swim (Photo: AFP)

According to the Spanish and French press, in addition to the sporting director, the owner of the club, Nasser Al-Kulaifi, had a hard time saying goodbye to BL, as she performed by force in the locker room and wanted to enter the Dutch locker room. Referee Danny McKelley. UEFA has launched a disciplinary investigation into the conduct of the two leaders, based on the findings of the referee’s report.

Leonardo was banned from attending a meeting due to his unsportsmanlike behavior under Friday’s decision, but this no longer affects Paris Saint-Germain to the point that the Brazilian was expelled from the club last month. On the other hand, the commission did not denounce Calvi.

West Ham United head coach David Moyes has been suspended from two meetings, while captain Declan Rice has been suspended from two meetings. The former was punished for unsportsmanlike behavior and the latter for insulting the referee. The two offenders were tried in the Europa League semi-finals for Eintracht’s defeat in Frankfurt.


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