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Leukemia can be a delusional symptom: that’s why it is so important to watch for tumor-markers – health

Oncology is the specialized branch of hematology that deals with malignant tumors such as lymphoma and leukemia. Lab tests, imaging, and bone marrow biopsy also play an important role in their diagnosis and follow-up.

Dr. Agnes Carpati, a Coagulation and Hematology Center Your oncologist has been asked about the role of controlling tumor markers.

Leukemia and lymphoma

Leukemia and lymphoma are relatively common haematological malignancies. There are several types that differ in nature and development. Unfortunately, it is common when diagnosed late, because it often produces very common symptoms or those that can be attributed to other diseases.

As with all tumors, early treatment is important, but it requires an early diagnosis. This also requires laboratory tests, imaging tests, and a bone marrow biopsy.

Tumor markers in oncology

Tumor markers are substances produced by cancer cells and may increase in the presence of metastasis, but they may be higher in the presence of a benign tumor or even an infection. It is important that they are not of diagnostic value alone, but can draw attention to harmful processes. Most of all, they have a greater role in monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment used. That is, if the value decreases, this means that the treatment is effective.

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– In oncology, the so-called beta-2 microglobulin, B2M, in short, is important, but it is worth noting that its levels are also high in kidney disease. B2M is a protein found in most body fluids and is used to bring cancer cells into the blood. And lymphocytes B. Been submitted. The higher the value, the worse the prognosis. As with other tumor markers, it plays an important role in monitoring the success of application therapy, says Dr. Ágnes Kárpáti, oncologist in the Coagulation and Hematology Center.

The test itself can be done by doing a blood test, urine test, and cerebrospinal fluid test, but it is often detected in the blood.

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Test your knowledge of what the lab results mean!

The importance of screening cannot be overemphasized when it comes to maintaining health. Because blood tests can detect a potential health problem at a very early stage, it is recommended that they be done routinely.

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