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LGT will be surprised by its 50th birthday

Gábor Heincz, Biga, was a guest on the recent Duna Television Summer 21, and is a contributor to a special formation called Zenevonat, whose collection consists of Locomotiv GT’s timeless songs interpreted by great musicians. The musician revealed on the show that he would be giving a tribute to an orchestra in front of an orchestra that’s been around for half a century.

On August 17, the music train will take off at the Veszprém Festival: in the Garden of History, the formation will play the works of the 50-year-old band LGT. In addition to previous members of the LGT, János Karácsony James, János Solti, Mónika Veres, Nika and Gábor Heincz Biga revive the legendary songs of Loksi.

Guests are also invited on stage to the grandiose concert: Marianne Falusi, Messi Mizu, Evan Vitares and Roy will reinforce the hard core. Gabor Henic, Biga on Danube TV’s Summer 21, said that in the 120-minute concert programme, in addition to well-known LGT songs, songs by Clary Katona, Katie Kovacs or Sindoor Reeves will also be presented.

“This year LGT is 50 and Christmas James is 70. We are preparing for a huge holiday and thanks to the music and LGT. The show is huge, so it wasn’t easy for us to condense everything into a two-hour party. With the participation of our guest artists, productions were created new, we can finally present to the live audience.” – Enthusiast Biga, who added that not only LGT songs, but also other music tracks related to the band members will be presented at the Music Train concert, VeszprémFest. more details She can be found on the current 21 broadcast of Summer.

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