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Lidl has reached a milestone –

Lidl announced that it has opened its 900th store in the UK, The Retail Newspaper. Lidl, which is built in downtown Liverpool and opens to first-time shoppers on January 20, will employ 40 people. The German discount chain plans to open five more stores in January, as the six new units will create a total of 250 jobs. Two of the five stores will open in London.

At Lidl’s new store in Liverpool, subordinates can expect an hourly wage of £10.10 (4,300 HUF) from March 1, when the company’s pay increase takes effect. This is higher than the London Government’s National Living Wage Recommendation.

Lidl has delivered fifty new stores in the past 12 months alone as part of a development that aims to increase the number of its stores in the island nation by 1,100 by 2025. The German company is moving from the British capital and major cities to rural areas. A total of £1.3 billion will be spent on expansion in 2022.

Lidl is also expanding in Hungary, in December in Aszód, Budapest XV. He opened new stores in the district and in Szeged, so the network already consists of 190 stores. Although the store chain is not talking about a planned store opening, knows that new Lidl stores will open this year as well.

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