He filled the boundary stone more than two meters away.

He writes a great story a BBC: A farmer accidentally redraws the Franco-Belgian border.

The border between the two countries stretches for 620 km, and was finally determined in 1820. The boundary line is marked with border stones throughout, however, one

It was on its way to a farmer while towing, so he grabbed the stone and placed it exactly 2.29 meters, toward French land.

The busy landmark was discovered by an amateur historian, but fortunately the issue was smiled in both countries.

With the tf1 team at the border between Bousignies and Montignies. We moved to 1819, Belgium and …

Posted by: David LaveauMonday, May 3, 2021

“He made Belgium bigger and France smaller,” said David Laveau, mayor of Erquilin, Belgium. “That’s not a good idea.” TF1 French TV channel. “I was happy,” he added, laughing. “My city is a little bigger, but the mayor of Bossini Sur Roque does not agree with him.” The mayor of the French village also made a statement, saying he needed to be able to prevent this border dispute.

The Belgian authorities will contact the farmer to ask him to return the stone to its original location. If this does not happen, the Foreign Ministry may have to revive the Franco-Belgian Boundary Commission, which has been inactive since 1930, and the farmer may be punished, but the Belgian mayor believes that if he shows goodwill, he will have no problem settling the issue peacefully.

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