Juliana Lesjevic would be surprised if the virus did not cause a fourth wave in Hungary as well.

The ATV vehicle He was a guest on The Straight Speech Julianna Lisjevic is an immunologist who has continued to cautiously warn people, despite the surprise vaccination plan and the start of Saturday.

The show specialist puts it that while it’s really possible, he still wants to dissuade everyone from sitting in a restaurant or indoors. Because neither vaccine provides 100 percent protection, he does not recommend it to anyone until two weeks after the second vaccination.

Lesjevic justified this by saying that it is not possible to eat food in a mask, and since the virus is still very circulating, if there is an infected person in the room, we can become infected while talking and eating.

When you go to the cinema or theater, you think that through two masks, the virus will not infect anyone, but if you take it off during popcorn and hit it in the room, the chances of us catching the virus will jump.

It is also recommended to go to the gym and support football matches only with a mask,

A pool will be permitted if the number of people in the pool at the same time is limited.

The immunologist believes that through the activities mentioned above, we have to wait to be where we are now in Israel, with 10-20 people dying every day.

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He also finds the situation in India very worrying, where millions are infected, so the virus has a lot of possibilities to mutate, or even for two viruses to share their genetic stock, such as MERS. There is also a risk that the vaccines currently in use will be less effective against the new variants, although That technology will allow the development of new vaccines in the short term.

The immunologist would be very surprised if he did not cause a fourth wave in our country as well, but he is hoping that the new epidemic waves will be smaller and smaller thanks to vaccines.

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