Prince Philip wanted to rest in the Fragmore Gardens burial ground reserved for members of the royal family, so he is expected to be buried there.

At the age of ninety-nine Died II. Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, British monarch, loses his fairytale prince. With the announcement of Philip’s death, a timetable called Fort Bridge came into effect, setting state and ethical tasks until the time of the funeral.

As a first step, Lord William Robert Peel, the highest civil servant of the court, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson will consult with the Queen to inquire whether the ruler has any special preference for the funeral.

With the announcement of Philip’s death on Friday, national mourning began in England, which will last until the prince’s funeral. Philip, the late husband of the ruler, will attend a state funeral, but the Prince of Edinburgh has repeatedly made it clear that he does not want a large-scale ceremony and wants a private farewell with low military honors at Fort St. George Chapel. In recent years, Philip has also expressed a desire to relax in Windsor Castle Park, a burial ground reserved for members of the royal family at Fragmore Garden. Here, Queen Victoria, II. Queen Elizabeth II died in 1901 with her great-grandmother and Prince Albert, husband of Victoria.

Following the announcement of the death, the British flag was hoisted on half masts in all public buildings in the UK. According to the ethical rules of national mourning, all members of the House of Commons in London wear black armor until the funeral, and male members wear black ties.

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The same is true for members of the royal family. In times of mourning II. Queen Elizabeth II was not expected to be involved in any official activities. This means that no new laws will come into force until the funeral of Prince Philippines, as legislation passed by parliament will also require the approval of the ruler.

The succession to the British throne did not change after the death of Philip, as the Prince of Edinburgh was never one of the members of the royal family eligible to inherit the throne. Accordingly, Prince Charles of Wales, the eldest son of the 72-year-old Queen and Prince Philip is still heir to the throne, is succeeded by his eldest son, Prince William of Cambridge, next to the throne.

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