The composer claims that it caused him severe emotional wounds by having to see his music in this way.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has never hidden that he hates the cats Made with music 2019. Now Varienic In one particular interview, he stabbed another filmmaker when he said he was so stressed out by what happened that he bought a dog.

“They didn’t really understand what made the musical work. I watched the movie and all I could say was, ‘Oh my God, no.’ It was the first time in seventy years of my life on this planet that I bought a dog,” Weber said.

Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Cats premiere


staring at the stars the cats It was judged the worst film of that year, and it even won a Golden Raspberry.

On the other hand, Andrew Lloyd Webber remains a loyal companion of the dog taken from the sudden upheaval of the time. The animal was a consolation for him during the quarantine, and he plans to accompany the 73-year-old composer, who he also had a good story about, on his New York trips. Webber asked the airline for permission to take the dog with him as a therapy animal, but they asked for proof that he really needed it. Just look at what Hollywood has done the cats Weber argued. They wrote from the airline: they do not need a medical certificate.

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