Brooks Nader said they could have smuggled a gadget into his tape to find their belongings missing in his coat.

One night, it turned into horror Sports Illustrated For Brooks Nader, the woman is a stalker have found in his coat pocket. The device was an AirTag made by Apple to find lost items.

Enjoy Nader with his friends in New York. He was on his way home alone when his iPhone signaled that a foreign device was moving with him. Says:

someone follows him.

After some searching, the woman found a coin-sized AirTag, which she thought might have been in her coat pocket in a rail hours before she left. Nader said he was very scared, so he turned to the police.

AirTag works by placing it on the item you want to track, like your purse and bag, and then, you can see exactly where it is from a distance with your iPhone.

The bikini model warned New York women to be careful.


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