He was planning a party for hundreds of people, but because of the spread of the Delta variable, he realized it wasn’t time for the big celebration.

Because of the negative echo, Barack Obama canceled his 60th birthday party – write the from the inside. Earlier this week, news emerged of the former US President Invited hundreds of guests To the planned party, which was to take place outdoors on an island with the help of a Covid coordinator, but many expressed concern that the party could become a coronavirus focal point. It is a delta type of pathogen increased risk In the United States, the number of new infections increased fivefold in one month.

The couple’s spokeswoman for Obama Hannah Hankins told the newspaper Wednesday morning that Christmas will be celebrated, but only in close family. Hankins added that the big event had already been organized months ago in compliance with all health safety regulations and the Covid virus, but the increasing spread of the new variant led to their accounts being overrun, and the guest list had to be drastically shortened.

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Barack Obama is getting ready for a huge party on his 60th birthday

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On one of the islands, under the supervision of the Covid coordinator, the former US president will be born in the company of many celebrities.

Barack Obama has posted what he's reading and listening to this summer


The former US president will be in a summer mood opposite Rihanna and Bob Marley, among others.