There has been a heated debate about why the pop star, who has so far only appeared in loose-fitting jackets, would have taken sexy photos on the cover of British Vogue.

a Vogue Magazine For the magazine, Billie Eilish swapped her baggy outfits with some old underwear. The glamorous photos show 19-year-old Eilish and her blonde hair in latex lingerie in body-colored, pastel and lace tones, and this new look has annoyed some fans. Many believe that after the singer obscured her features for years so that people wouldn’t talk about her body and at the same time the pop profession avoids sexualizing the girl who became famous as a minor (at age 14), she has now sold herself to the pop industry.

Fortunately, however, the other half of people defended Ellis in his defense, saying that no one had anything to do with how the singer, who in the meantime had matured into a young adult, treated his body and how much he wanted to show it off.

Billie Eilish A. Vogue MagazineIn an interview, she said that she hasn’t worn baggy jackets and shirts for years because it condemns pop stars who dress much more feminine than that, but for a long time her body was the “main reason” for her depression, so she concealed it.

Whatever Eilish’s clothing, it seems like people will continue to talk about her body if she covers it, if she shows it, then if she shows it. The Vogue MagazineFor a cover photo of the criticisms he received at the same time This is your opinion: “You’re suddenly hypocritical if you want to show your skin and you are listless, rude, rude. If you are, then I am proud of it. Me and every woman is a prostitute, but you know what? Turn him over and be confident. Show him your body and show him your skin – or not – he shouldn’t To take away any respect from you. “

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