The jury decided.

A wave of protests not seen for a long time resulted from bypassing racist police in the US A video clip of George Floyd, an African American who died during a police operation, spread across the network like wildfire, sparking riots in Minneapolis and several other cities. Floyd became a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement, putting the issue of institutional racism back on the agenda.

US news sources reported that a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of all three counts in the lawsuit relating to the death of George Floyd.

Three weeks into the trial, a jury ruled the case in just 10 hours.

According to the judge’s decision, Chauvin will not have a chance to release him on bail, and he can issue a final ruling within 8 weeks.

The man was also charged with premeditated murder and murder committed by negligence or sudden incitement, for which he could face up to 40 years in prison.

We wrote more about the suit here:

On May 25 of last year in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the police wanted to take out 46-year-old George Floyd after receiving a report that the man wanted to pay with fake money. During the operation, Floyd did not want to heed the police call, so he was caught and thrown to the ground. Then Chauvin lay on the floor He kneeled on Floyd’s neck for a few minutes.

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The man died soon after. Police camera footage showed that Floyd was already ill before the operation. The Coroner’s report His death was reported to have resulted from kneeling on his neck, except that he was heart-ill and infected with the Coronavirus. Additionally, drugs were found in his body.

The trial of Derek Chauvin, the former police officer accused of causing the death of George Floyd, began with jury selection in the United States on March 8.

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