The grandfathers of the actress, who used to pray in the synagogue, immigrated from Matisalka. Curtis wrote on Facebook that it is now empty because the entire Jewish population has been exterminated.

“I represented my family today at the opening of the brand new Tony Curtis Memorial Café and Museum in Matisalca, where my grandparents, Helen and Emmanuel Schwartz, immigrated,” Jamie Lee Curtis wrote on Facebook after seeing an exhibit about his father.

It is just a building from the synagogue that my family has been praying for for a long time. It is now empty as all the Jewish residents were exterminated, but the building is a living memory of those who lived and still live there, and I have committed to working with the mayor to raise necessary funds from local businesses and the private community to renovate and redesign it. .

At the invitation of the actor Matisalka and the Hungarian Hollywood Council, he paid a private visit to his grandfather’s hometown. In his greeting, Mayor Peter Hanusi spoke of his delight that Cortes was searching for his “father’s footprints and family roots” in the city.

Like your father, at the height of his career, you will not forget the ancestors to whom you owe your existence.

Curtis visited the Synagogue, where the Hungarian Hollywood Council President, Balaz Bokor, presented the organization’s Tony Curtis Award. By nurturing tradition, Bush said Jamie Lee Curtis is setting an example for young people to build bridges between peoples.

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