Anne Douglas survived her husband by one year and three months.

My stepmother Michael Douglas also passed away after losing his father: Anne Douglas died at the age of 102 on Thursday afternoon at her home in Beverly Hills. In a statement to Michael Douglas Highlighted His father, Kirk Douglas, would not have had a job like this had his wife not supported him. Anne and Kirk Douglas lived together for 66 years.

Anne Douglas was born in Germany but later fled the Nazi regime to France. Fluent in French, Italian and English and of course thanks to his knowledge of German, he quickly found a job, starting work for a film distributor. Kirk Douglas met in Paris in 1953, when A. Grace Shot In connection with the film, she was in the European capital and asked the young woman to work with her as a journalist. By 1954, they were already married, and they had their wedding in Las Vegas.

Anne and Kirk Douglas


Anne Douglas is best known for her charitable activities. Founded and helped cultural institutions in Los Angeles, but he also sponsored research on women’s cancers and was also interested in women’s health in Los Angeles. Anne Douglas Center for Women Center.


Anne Douglas lived more than a year longer than her husband Kirk Douglas, who died at the age of 103 in early February of last year.

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