Prince William picked a photo from his personal photo album.

Prince George sits on one of Prince Philip’s teeth in a photo that reminds his grandson Prince William, his grandfather, who died at the age of 99. Photo taken by Princess Catherine in 2015 in Norfolk. Driving fishing gear was one of Philip’s beautiful hobbies, which he enjoyed even in the last years of his life.

Prince William described his grandfather as an extraordinary man and emphasized that his centuries-long life was determined by service. Vilmos, who is especially excited that his children were able to experience Prince Philip’s desire for adventure and his desires, wrote, “I am fortunate that, in addition to being a role model, he has been present throughout my life as an adult, in both good and difficult times.” sense of humor. Vilmos said goodbye to his grandfather, “I’m going to miss my grandfather so much, but I know he wants us to keep working, too.”

Prince Harry also noted that the service was the first in his grandfather’s life, praising his honesty, humor, and charm everywhere he attracted attention. Harry wrote as a grandfather, he was a master of barbecues and teasing and stayed cheeky for the rest of his life.

Prince Harry is visiting his California home for the first time since March of last year to attend his grandfather’s funeral. This will be the first time you can speak with your family in person about meeting Oprah crisis.

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Prince Philip also left a few of his private paintings for posterity

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The Prince of Edinburgh’s private paintings partly enrich the private art collection and partly the royal art collection.

Prince Harry returns to London without Meghan Markle to bury his grandfather

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After a long time, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth visits the house.