In a statement from the channel, RTL Hungary has changed a lot in the past seven years, working for full equality.

as We recently reported itNora Satan A in partisanship He spoke tearfully about the path he took to transition from RTL Club to competition. The announcer said, among other things, that one of her male colleagues was earning three times as much, and she feels that her treatment is not worthy even when she became pregnant.

RTL Hungary later responded to the interview in a statement. They wrote:

They do not want to apologize for what was said, but rather to apologize.

“We apologize for any complaints the host has felt at the RTL club for years. Without assessing the situation at the time, we would like to stress that RTL Hungary has changed a lot in the last more than seven years. A media company that represents other values ​​We have worked for years to achieve complete equality so that you get Women get the same pay as men for the same job and with the same talent and diligence in their careers.“We hope that the results of our work will exceed RTL in Hungary and that we can have an impact on other jobs and even society as a whole.”

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The presenter tearfully spoke about the path he took to move to the competition.