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Life + Style: The Academy couldn’t be nominated, although Ludovico Einaudi did a lot for two Academy Award-winning films.

It was nominated for six Oscars, three of them Until he won Chloe Chow Bedouin land At the Academy Awards 93. In addition to the exceptional script, played by Frances McDormand and directed by Chow, an important component of the film was also the music of Ludovico Einaudi, who, however, could not be nominated in the Best Soundtrack category. It’s not about the academy’s ruthlessness, it’s just that, by the rules, someone who wrote the music specifically for the movie could get a nomination. This is not the case with Ludovico Einaudi, In the land of the Bedouins Chow’s Singing Songs was released in 2019 Seven days of walking He chose from the album but included two songs from the composer’s previous albums, Diveniréről And that About the items he is.

Surprisingly that Seven days of walking His songs are also featured in Florian Zeller, who is also an Academy Award winner In the father, Which provides the experience of claustrophobia, as it works with the tools of the delusive type Described as a dramatic movie – Although some spooky Einaudi violin vocals only creep in the most desperate moments, a separate song has already been made for this movie, my journey.

Thus, the 2019 set of seven discs has taken a clearly successful course, and Einaudi, according to his statements, does not suffer from any headaches due to the rules of the Academy. The other day, he narrated that he was in the same spirit with the nominees during the concert in Los Angeles, and he is honored to have contributed his music to these two beautiful stories.

By the way, everyone has heard a song or two from the Italian composer and pianist, he probably knows nothing about it: Keira Knightley wrote Doctor Zhivago And that This is England2010 Music Series black Swan Trailer and Nocturnal predators Preview song by Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix I’m still here He still plays Einaudi in the end, but his cute undertones look cool in the real life Also, whose huge success brought world news to the composer as well.

He later used his songs in his advertisements For Vodafone, And his name is also associated with the successful Olympic advertising websites of P & G. By the way, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu directed the first short film in 2012, and the advertisement won an Emmy Award for Creative. Moreover, prof Robin Brant, The Whole He also bangs with Einaudi at the end of the Hungarian movie.

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Einaudi song 2016, the An elegy for the Arctic, With whom the composer joined Greenpeace’s awareness campaign, performing his piece on a floating stage in a life jacket, by the melting polar ice caps.

He was born in 1955 to a family of Enaudi musicians, although he also has a political ancestor, his grandfather was the president of Italy from 1948 to 1955. The mother of an amateur musician played classical music at home, but thanks to her sisters, she soon became acquainted with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones And Bob Dylan, quickly put the energy of their music in her heart. He had already started composing as a teenager, and in 1982 he graduated from Milan Conservatory. The OriginIn 2017, In an interview conducted while performing in Hungary About this period he said that it was always the music that really captivated and interested him.

“At the age of seventeen, I even decided it would be my way. I knew composing was what I really wanted. Let’s just say I wasn’t sure I would have a chance for it. It took me two years to make sure I could make a living from it, and I could This is my job. ” Einaudi was not idle in these few years either: in the 1980s he was mainly immersed in classical music, writing countless compositions for piano, chamber and symphony orchestra, and then ended up in theater and dance.

Already in the nineties, he got a soundtrack, which he composed for director Michel Sordillo, Giuseppe Pichoni and Dominic Tampasco. His first albums were still writing for various musical instruments, and in 1996 he stayed with the piano forever and released his first major album, The unditSupporting melodies that were still soft at the time with slow strings breaks the calligraphy was actually enriched with strings. Eden RockIt is inspired by the journey of the African composer the days Continued, in 2004 it came out morningTwo years later has become, Which is also popular with critics, starts with enthusiasm, turns into tension and then ends at night the spring, And that For life Used fliesOr just The Hidden Origin.

To 2009-is Nightbookban With the introduction of rhythm and some microelectronic hardware, Einaudi has already anticipated the tightness of the next albums, mixing soft, sweet melodies four years later with sentimental and whispering half-tones. In the time interval However, it became much bolder, more varied, and layered than its quieter piano stringed predecessors.

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The composer combines various elements from nature, mathematics and science with a special musical narration Components He toured Hungary on his album tour, but tickets for his first concert ran out within seconds, so he added an extra performance. Aynodi described the concept of this album as a kind of map of ideas, sometimes clear and easily distinguishable, and other times with a continuous inner flow of points, lines, shapes, and intersecting parts. The Components It gives an impression of chaos arranged accordingly, which really mixes piano playing with percussion, guitars and strings: meditation, slowly Prepare Or that ABC Almost next to him consumes a tumultuous saga Logos, Or the sinister tick and then the almost inclination to a rock concert, gently dissonant in places Twice.

Obviously, the highlight of Einaudi’s work so far is a Seven days of walking It is an ambitious record-breaking set used for Oscar-winning films. The idea for the project came in the winter of 2018, while walking in the Alps, by the composer, who walked long distances in snowy landscapes every day, almost following the same path. According to Aynodi, the cold stripped everything, and the characters hitting the landscape lost their colors and stripes, but every time it took off, as the light and weather changed and with it, Aynodi noticed something new: an animal, a house, a man on the road.

It was believed that constant changes in the reception of various stimuli are very similar to the creative process, even in a period when one searches, feels lost, but suddenly discovers something always. This is how he uses it Seven days of walking A set of seven discs featuring many different variations of some of the themes: each album represents the day’s discoveries. The first album was released in March 2019, then new “Al Ayyam” every month until October came with the release Ascenteal, Fridge Cold windsOr drifting momentum, restraint, inquisitive Gravityvel.

No wonder Chloé Zhao found the album a perfect pick Bedouin land Background music. The director said he saw the Greenpeace video first, but when he read seven days, He realized that his hero and Einaudi are linked on the one hand to a love of nature, and on the other hand to the album songs, which express the essence of change, they can easily convey the thoughts that revolve in Verne’s head. Florian Zillert the father His director was already more inspiring than how Einaudi used the violin: he needed a very cool piece of music, and he found it. Seven Days Walkingban.

Einaudi is one of the most flowing classical artists in the world, but the world of classical music does not necessarily accept him in his circles. There is criticism around the world that Aynodet is described as a safety player and a mid-level pianist, his music is unimaginative and self-repeating, but it is also indicated that his songs are highly anticipated because he plays the same chords everywhere. Some say Ludovico Einaudi is an excellent background music for work, study, and meditation, but when it comes to lead – so at concerts – it really bleeds.

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It would be difficult to categorize exactly what kind of atmospheric strong music it represents, because it is definitely not classical, in any way jazz or pop, and maybe a classic or simple crossover – with critics saying Einaudi severely dilutes classical music. The composer is regularly asked in interviews with him exactly how he sees his role in this system, but based on his statements, he is unwilling to accept the classical world, and he is quite pleased with the fact that he can directly relate to his musical language as a language to many.

Einaudi reveals a wide range of emotions with his music, but he always strives for simplicity and ease of access in order to find his way into his audience: in this, his work sees a contemplative value that is the reason why there are so many young people among his fans (who participated in the composer at his concerts in Hungary) , He can try this personally). The WatchmanTell him about itIt is believed that a concert can become a group meditation. A concert can become a group meditation. When things go well, feel them on stage, too. Everything is in place for the audience as well, and I feel a kind of beneficial influence. ”Ludovico Enoudi’s new album, written for selected films and music, Cinema It will be released on June 4th.