Hank Azaria claims that he doesn’t think the stereotype of a character could offend many Indians.

Actor Hank Azaria spoke to Dad Nahasapeemapetilon, the Indian employer, on The Simpson Family series between 1999 and 2020. But last year Resigned And now he’s apologizing to all Indians for showing the character – the actor talked about this on a podcast Washington Post Wrote.

Several of the Simpsons makers have been accused of reinforcing stereotypes about Indians of the dad character, but they have also come under attack because the seller was voiced by a white actor. Later, the series’ creators pledged that the white actors would no longer play non-white characters on the show.

Hank Azaria emphasized on his podcast that the creators were always driven by good intentions, so he didn’t even think that Abi Nhasabimapitilon could be offensive, but now he prefers to apologize to every Indian.

The BBC has apologized for the racist speech - but it was too late

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BBC CEO Tony Hall has apologized for hiring a white man on a July show on a British public service media program. The BBC had considered its decision correct for some time because it was meant to clarify a report of a racist attack on blacks.

Due to the racist cartoons, no more than six books by Dr. Seuss have been published


The Dr Seuss institutions, which have taken an interest in the author’s legacy, have decided so.