Two of the teeth of a flight attendant fell off on a Southwest Airlines flight because he invited a passenger to wear a mask.

A woman jumped on her feet and collided with a flight attendant on a Southwest Airlines flight from Sacramento to San Diego on May 23, just as the plane was about to land – Writes (A) The Washington Post.

It is not yet known exactly why the passenger, Viviana Quinonez, began hitting the stewardess. Airline spokeswoman Chris Mainz said the woman combatant had repeatedly ignored flight regulations and acted verbally and physically upon landing. He also added that the passenger and the flight attendant had been arguing before, but not about wearing a mask.

Another passenger videotaped the horrific altercation, in which the stewardess lost her tooth and was injured in the face. In the end, the passenger stopped the woman, and jumped among the cabin crew. According to reports, Quinonez has been constantly arguing with employees, in part because he refused to properly wear his mask.

As it happened, the stewardess was also said to have been wrong to yell at the passenger. The miserable 28-year-old passenger was arrested in San Diego and banned from his flights by the company.

The situation is not unique, just between April 8 and May 15, there were problems with 477 passengers on Southwest Airlines flights.