The athlete wrote: There will be weaker moments, but the sport taught him to fight.

The former shooter of the Hungarian national team Ferencvaros and Austrian Hypo, Tímea Tóth, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The handball player announced the news on Facebook. Mnt Books,

I was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer in April, passed two surgeries and will be receiving chemotherapy in the next period, eight. There will be a second treatment tomorrow. What you need to know is fine, and I won’t change that in the future.

Tímea Tóth also mentioned her experience that this disease affects a lot of women, but there are super specialists among the doctors who help fight the disease.

“What they say has to be done all the way! It’s no shame to ask for help. I’ve been working with an oncologist from the first moment when I found out the diagnosis… I didn’t want to treat it on my own, it was the best decision of my life. So it’s so much easier to I understand and understand the feelings that come with illness. So all I wanted to tell you is that I’m fine, I’m strong, I’m going through weaker moments but sport has taught me to fight and bear burdens,” the handball player wrote.

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