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Light at the end of the tunnel: Corona virus death due to vaccine drops to six-month low in British

According to recent data from the UK Health Department, 5,342 new corona virus infections have been detected nationwide in the past 24 hours.

In the week ended Monday, 38,398 coronavirus infections were identified, down from 1,897, 4.7 percent less than the previous week. At the beginning of the year, more than 60,000, in some cases nearly 70,000 people, were isolated from new corona virus infections daily in the UK.

Despite the resumption of education in primary and secondary schools in the UK in two weeks, the number of new cases registered per day is gradually declining, and the number of corona virus tests per day in high school has increased by 80-100 per cent. Students undergo several screening tests per week.

According to a report released by UK Health Monday, 1.9 million corona virus screenings were performed across the country in the last 24 hours, up from 9.27 million last week. There has been a steady and significant decline in the number of new hospital admissions due to Govit-19 disease caused by corona virus infection.

According to the ministry on Monday In the past week, 3,168 patients had to be hospitalized, 870, 21.5 percent less than a week earlier. The number of deaths decreased at a very rapid rate. As many as 17 deaths were reported in the 24 hours ending Monday, according to the UK government’s calculation of deaths within 28 days of the corona virus infection.

Most recently, in September, before the onset of the upper phase of the current UK epidemic, fewer daily deaths occurred.

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Earlier this year, there were periods in Britain when the number of deaths from Govt-19 disease exceeded 1,300 a day.

The UK Health Department said on Monday that 593 people had died of Govt-19 disease in the past week, 421, 41.5 per cent less than the week ended last Monday.

According to UK health officials, the effects of corona virus vaccines are now evident in these processes.

As of Monday, 27,997,976 people had received the first dose of the corona virus vaccine and 2,281,384 had received the second dose since the vaccine campaign began in the UK on December 8, according to the Department of Health. The second volume exceeded 30 million.

The UK government aims to make the first dose of the corona virus vaccine available to all British adults by the end of July.

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